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As one of the leading global systems providers dedicated to the apparel and footwear industries, Option Systems is the perfect partner for your business. 

Our product suite comprises our own specialist software, STYLEman and STYLEprm, which, together with systems from our partners, provides the most comprehensive integrated systems solution available today.  Our systems have been designed exclusively for the apparel and footwear industries and have established a reputation as the most advanced, versatile and innovative products available worldwide.

Our global, multilingual team of professionals has more than 500 man-years experience in the international apparel and footwear arena, through working with a wide range of different businesses, so why not let us take the hard work out of your system implementation?  Our consultants can guide you through all aspects of the process, from system selection through to full implementation and on-going support.

For details of your nearest STYLEman partner please contact our Office or find your local distributor on our contact page here.



Overland signs for OSL's STYLEman V10 web-enabled ERP solution
STYLEman V10 provides ERP facilities for the global licensee
of the G-Star Raw footwear Brand

Crowther Ltd goes live with OSL's
e-STYLEman web-enabled
ERP solution

Leading UK footwear importer orders STYLEman ERP to increase control of global supply chain

About OSL Our Products Our Services News Contact Us
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